Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paul's Cake

So our baby is now 4!! When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted he shouted MONSTER JAMS...well this is the closest I could get let me know what you think:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

More pics from Dallas

The lake in Grapevine, Texas
Jeff Springsteen from Bayer Crop Science. I have known Jeff for years and he doesn't age...but I do!

Megan, Phil, Michelle & Me

Yep...me on the phone trying to call KATHY so
Phil could say HI to her:)

Just returned from Dallas

Man, he smelled awesome:)
Calling Kathy

Ahhh life is so good at the moment:P

So...I had a blast in Dallas meeting ag producers at Commodity Classic. Tuesday night (2/24/9) found us at the Glass Cactus for a dinner with Bayer Crop Science. The food...OUTSTANDING! The entertainment...EVEN BETTER!! Phil Vassar sang for us. I got to go back stage have my pic taken with him...he called my sister Kathy to say he was thinking of her...THEN we got to sit front row center stage for the show...if you ever get the chance to see him please do!! Well the night gets even better...I got to bring him his beverages during the show. Can't wait to see those pictures, but he said he Loved me. So life is good:) Hope you enjoy the pics and the video, if I can get it uploaded.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My family

Its hard to believe its been a week since my sister and her families lives were changed forever. Sometime during the 2:00 hour I got a phone call at work from my Mom that said, "Kathy's house is on fire!" My heart sunk and tears came to my eyes. My first concern was for her and the family, but was glad to hear no one was at home at the time. Then as a firefighter I was worried about the house and her going inside.

She is a strong woman who right now doesn't feel that way. They have lost everything and right now are staying in a duplex until further notice. I encourage you to go to my sister's blog...listed here on my blog favorites and leave her words of encouragement.

I love her so much and am so greatful that she and everyone else is okay...now the move forward for her family to rebuild their lives.

Big sis...Sue

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some pics from the trip so far

2nd planting of beans-very dry
sunrise in Argentina

picture of me in a bean field-not the best pic of me

picture of a boat from the 1700's in Buenos Aries

our group on a tour of the Pioneer plant
it includes Dwight and Francisco from the US Embassy


I am having a lot of fun in Argentina and learning so much! It amazes me how a producer could be so effected by what is done by the govt. Export taxes are very high and for some makes it hard to make a profit. We saw a lot of grain from last year stored in silage bags. There is the hope that when the prices go up they will be able to sell. It is the driest its been in 70 years. There is the thought that if the crop is lost they can use the seed from last year to plant again when there is rain.

We have seen some really interesting farms and met a lot of great people. Many will be contacts for a long time which will be great to get their point of view as to what is going on with the weather.

Speaking of...wasn't going to rub it in since it's so cold at home, but on Wednesday it was 95 and we got to spend the evening by the pool at the farm we were staying at. Should I mention I now have tan lines from my bathing suit? Okay I won't.

Well its 2:04 am and I should head to bed. Bus leaves at 8:30 for a trip to a soybean crushing facility.